Facts to Know About Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

Anadrol, also known as Oxymetholone, is a supplement mostly used by athletes who want to build stamina and increase muscle mass. It is worth noting that Anadrol is a fast-acting supplement that promises result in a matter of weeks. Well, you might be probably reading this article to find answers that might not have been answered about this lesser-known drug. Why should I buy Anadrol Canada, and when? This writes up seeks to answer some questions about this anabolic steroid. 

What is Anadrol?

muscle manAnadrol is essentially a brand name used to market, Oxymetholone, an anabolic androgenic steroid. Unlike other anabolic steroids, Anadrol offers considerably higher potency levels. While it stands out for its particularly high testosterone strength, its androgen strength is somewhat lower than the male hormone. 

Can Anadrol be Used for Medical Reasons?

Anadrol has been used in the medical world for quite some time now, although not as popular as it was in the past. Initially, Oxymetholone was used to treat anemia due to its ability to aid red blood cells’ production. It can also help individuals struggling with conditions whose symptoms are muscle wasting, such as HIV/AIDs. In addition, Anadrol has also been used in managing and possible treatment of osteoporosis.

Can Anadrol Be Used Outside the Medical Field?

It was earlier mentioned that Anadrol is beneficial to athletes and bodybuilders. Thanks to its ability to promote protein synthesis, those in the bodybuilding community can take advantage of Anadrol for considerable muscle mass gains. It is worth noting that as Anadrol promises fast results, the results tend to disappear relatively faster upon stopping use. 

Anadrol is known for its low binding affinity, a property that makes it ideal for bodybuilders. This means that this supplement gives you more anabolic benefits. Besides stacking, Anadrol comes in handy when you need a quick boost in energy for enhanced performance. 

How is Anadrol Administered?

Anadrol is mostly administered in tablet form, which mostly comes at a dose of 50mg. Unlike other orally administered supplements, it offers unmatched potency. However, you can also get the compound in liquid and paper forms. While some users, especially athletes, can be tempted to use higher doses, research shows that taking 50mg is enough for any user. 

While Anadrol offers many potent benefits, users are advised to avoid taking high doses. However, the best way to enjoy the benefits offered by this supplement and avoid the potential setbacks that come with wrong use is to ensure you consult your physician. 

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