Synthetic Urine: Does it Work on the Drug Tests?

Yes, the synthetic urine does work for the tests. Most of the drugs testing laboratories that employers use do not perform the genetic tests on the urine specimen. This, therefore, makes the synthetic urine work on the drug tests. The synthetic urine is also called the fake pee. Since it has become difficult in the recent past to pass some of the drug tests because of some of the foods that we consume, the synthetic pee usually comes in handy.

However, when buying the synthetic urine, it is advisable to buy the original one as the fake one can easily be detected. Read this article to learn how the synthetic urine works with the urine drug tests. The drug adulteration test strip can be used to detect the fake urine.

Helpful information

Amount needed

One of the frequently asked queries is the amount of urine that is required for the drug test. Well, two ounces is Drug Testsusually sufficient for the drug test according to the United States Department of Human and Health Services. It requires the regulator to collect only 0.125 pounds of the urine and not more.

However, there are instances whereby the synthetic urine can spill over. This might make the regulator ask the individual undergoing the test to top up to the required level. It is for this reason that the three ounces bottle is available to the people with shaky hands that might result to the spillages.

Using the synthetic urine

There is a way in which the synthetic urine should be utilized. To pass the drug test, you should substitute your real urine with the synthetic urine. The assumption, in this case, is that you will test positive for the drug test. However, if you are not a drug addict or user, then there is no need of being worried about using your real urine.


Drug Test tubesThere are certain precautions that you should take before submitting the fake pee sample to the regulator. One of the precautions is that the urine sample should contain the uric acid. It is easy to detect that the urine is fake if it does not have the uric acid.

Secondly, you should ensure that the sample you submit for testing has the standard urine temperature. This is what the collectors check first before checking other specifics. You can warm the sample by using your hands or heat it up by using your body temperature. The fake urine kit usually comes with a temperature strip that will help you in determining the temperature of the fake pee.

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